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take a look through my eyes


Designing art takes me to a different place. I see things from a different lens and sometimes I am compelled to create. For as long as I can remember, I would create things, never understanding why. When I was five years old, I remember walking around the school tennis courts where I was drawn to the blue and white pebbles that crumbled off the asphalt. I stuffed them in my pockets and took them home with me. A week later my kindergarten teacher called my mom and told her that I had emptied the pencil sharpener shavings into my lunch bag. She was concerned as to my motivation. She elaborated that it wasn’t the first time she had seen me gather things like mulch, sticks, stones, and paper scraps. I guess the pencil shavings threw her over the edge. My mom giggled it off because she had endured years of my bringing home, what she called, “my little treasures”. However, she agreed to come in the next day and explain it to her.


I was nervous when my mom walked me into class the next morning. I glanced over as she stood by my teacher’s desk, unsure why she brought in a canvas bag full of my art. My teacher motioned me over with her gleaming smile as she held one of my pieces and said, “Morghyn, what you did with these pencil shavings is amazing, what do you call this?” “Sandstorm,” I answered. She and my mom continued looking through all of the pieces from the bag. I became anxious because it was catching the attention of my classmates. Later that morning my teacher asked me if I could help her create an art lesson for the class. I didn’t really know what she meant, but I agreed to help her. This was my earliest reference point that I had a unique talent for creating art.


From that day my parents referred to me as their “little artist.” At ten years old, I started to sketch and took a liking towards fashion. I would sit for hours and draw designs from magazines, altering each enough to make it my own. During the summers I attended fashion school in New York City. I learned to sew and it wasn’t long before I was creating patterns and sewing outfits that I could wear and even made myself a Halloween costume. When I wasn’t sketching, I was sewing and when I wasn’t sewing, I was painting or sculpting. At thirteen, I was accepted into a summer program at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). I was by far the youngest person in the program which was incredibly intimidating, but I loved it. I got to meet so many cool people and made a lot of cool stuff.


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